Xbox High Def 'Gamester vs Official' my findings


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Ditch the Gamester and buy an official one now!

Just in case anybody is in two minds like I was here are my findings:

I bought the Gamester High Definition kit when I purchased my first xbox but in the end went with a Monster RGB lead with optical because I needed the Component inputs at the time.

Now since I had my HDMI DVD player I suddenly realised that I no longer needed to use Scart, so I thought I'd stick my Hi Def kit back in line, didn't really make any difference (just more wires).

So I thought mmm now I got my modded xbox I'll try an Official Xbox High Def pack. Bloody hell it was like night and day. First thing I noticed was that even the Evolution X dashboard was a clear as a bell, which it wasn't before.

This pack has transformed my gaming experience, no longer does it look slightly blurred compared to PS2. 'PGR2' is a different experince and 'True Crime: Streets of LA' in 720p looks amazing. I even went out and bought 'Amped 2' I was so in awe.

Funny thing is that PGR2 was in 525p mode for both kits yet there is a difference. My conclusion is that the Gamester version is HD connection kit which just allows the best connection possible (even S-video), wereas the official one actually provides HD function. It may not work for everybody but it worked for me. Twenty quid well spent.

Hope this helps somebody.


I have the official ms one running through to my pj and totally agree, the component does make a night and day difference to any other connection with the xbox.
Even if you have a crt tv you should notice the difference.


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I'll third that one - my dad has just returned from Florida with an official High-Definition AV Pack for me from EB and the quality is outstanding.

I had previously purchased a component cable from ebay and thought that was decent but this blows it away. Playing Ninja Gaiden gives the best picture quality i've ever seen on my A100 PJ. Cost him $19.99 but gave it me as a prezzie.

If anyone else is thinking of getting one then go for it - superb!!
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