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Hi all

I bought some cheap component cables (don't know the make) for my xbox and I'm getting trailing/ghosting @ 480p/720p (480i is okay). I remember reading on this site that this was a common fault with 3rd party leads.

I found the official cables @ but they're out of stock. Another website has IXOS cables for the same price. IXOS are generally a seriously good company for cables. Should I go with them or play it safe with the official cables?


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Wtach out as some 3rd party leads don't have an optical out, like the official one does. Not a problem if you don't want 5.1 though obviously. I've never heard a complaint about the official leads.

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dont go for MX2, they are ***** they charged my card then said they were out of stock, i said cancel so they did, 3 weeks later the cable turned up in and the plastic box was ripped open, i rang them up and said i told them to cancel, sent it back got a refund but it was all agro for nothing, their cable was the crap one too, get the official one from lik-sang i got it and its fab :thumbsup:

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i had the same problem, i was using a gamester version of the high def kit, changed to the official one. The sharpness is incredible especially on fifa 2006 @ 720p.


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Ol!ver said:
Anyone got a suggestion as to where I can get the official cable from that's based in the UK? Could order from liksang etc but want it ASAP.

You could do worse than Divineo. A couple of guys in my work have used them for mod chips and so on in the past without a hint of a problem. It's £24.95 which is pretty much the going rate and it ships within 24 hours!

White Dog usually stock it but they are out just now with more stock expected on Thursday apparently:



richard plumb

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when I tried some cheap 3rd party cables, I got green bands on my projector at 480p. Is that crappy cables, or a sign that I have a dodgy Xbox?

i.e. will it be a waste of time to get MS cables?

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