XBOX Hi Def PQ with Plasma


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Anyone tried a chipped xbox with MS Hi Def pack, via component, to a Hi Def compatible plasma??

Is the PQ any good?


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Yep. It's amazing. Even more so when you use a 720p compatible game like Amped 2 . In a word.....AWESOME :D


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Can you avoid chipping the XBox and still get an H-Def output?

I'd like to give it a go, but there is NO WAY I'm hacking my XBox.

Triva:- My picture was on the XBox website as being one of the first in the UK to buy one! Midnight in Virgin Glasgow.

All the best,

Dr John Sim.


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Get it chipped and buy another one for live if that is the issue. They will be sub £90 soon. HD PQ is amazing.

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