Xbox help for my samsung 50



I've just got my samsung sp50 l7hx but can't seem to get my xbox games in 480 or 720.

When I select the modes the picture keeps stuttering. Do I need to change somethign on the actual tv?>
er no - you should be able to change the setting in the MS dashboard and Bob's yer uncle.

Try changing the component leads, perhaps they are at fault?

EDIT: - I mean of course try a different High-Def pack if you can get hold of one! :oops:


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Attaching the HD-Kit is not enough in its self. You also need to mod your xbox to output NTSC as the 480p, 720p and 1080i are only supported for NTSC not PAL.

Also the actual resolution used will be dictated by the game being played and as far as I know, but I may be wrong, you cannot force the resolution in the MS dashboard - all you can do is enable them if the game supports them.


Just ordered one from lik-sang. Hopefully my gamecube lead should be fine when it eventually turns up :)
I'll elaborate

1) you must either have an NTSC XBOX or a MOD Chip and switch the XBOX into NTSC

2) In the Microsoft Dashboard display settings section you then need to enable the various HD resolutions - this tells you XBOX what your TV can support and will automatically try the higesht resolution your TV and the game itself supports!

As Kableman righly states this only tells the XBOX to try the settings if the game supports it, it won't force HD on an SD game.

The NTSC version of Tony Hawks Underground looks awesome in 720 mode by the way!

Hope this clears up matters

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