Xbox Game Pass…what’s the cheapest way?

Mystery Man

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So I did the Xbox game pass £1 deal about two years ago and it’s now up and aiming to charge me the £10 a month from January. Can anyone tell
Me what’s the best way to keep subscribing, is it the monthly fee or any other deals going?

King Tones

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Been discussed a lot recently in many threads including this one.

Let it expire, turn off auto renew and then get some gold and then buy a month of GPU.

Indiana Jones

I buy it from cdkeys usually from £8.99 for a month. Probably not the cheapest, but for you get, it is worth it.
Why not let it expire, get some Gold then do the upgrade trick again? as that will save you loads over paying £8.99 per month.


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I paid £35 for 13 months off a group on Facebook..I end up with another account and just download the games to my console...Works so far


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Just paid £128 for 3 years of Ultimate.

3 x £38.99 for 12 months gold (CDKeys) then 1 month Ultimate for £1 from the Xbox Dash.

Works out to be £3.55 a month for 36 months.

Mystery Man

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Thanks all, sorry for the duplicate post. I have posted in the other thread but essentially my 3 years for the £1 deal is up and now looking at £10.99 per month. Is there a cheaper way to do it without using VPN’s?


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The price at CDKeys does fluctuate too, e.g. additional savings for Black Friday and various other times; right now £34.99 in their New Year Sale is a good opportunity.
if you have a vpn you can buy cheaper gold live from eneba or sites like that, than you can from any uk sites, then add the gamepass ultimate. i was told you need to make sure the gamepass ultimate is not a trial as it wont work

just noticed its a month old thread i have responded to :)

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