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Pretty new to this but, returning after 20 years away and a few looks at the offerings have decided to get the kids (self included) an Xbox based on shaping up by far the best.

A colleague mentioned having read about the possibility of MS perhaps reducing support for the platform.

Anyone out there read the same article - is there any truth or should I just bash ahead and take one of the cracking deals on offer?


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Take one of the cracking deals on offer. Microsoft will never backtrack, unless of course the US Government takes them to court again.:D


You can say a lot of nasty things about Microsoft, and most of them would be true. But, despite the X-Box selling much lower than expectations, they have not backed down on the console as yet. They are firmly committed to the system.

Now, with the rather unexpected success of X-Box Live, I think the chances of MS abandoning the console in the near future are very close to 0%. Tecchies already realized that this was an underpriced piece of kit, bargain hunters are starting to pick up on it, and hardcore gamers are finally getting the games that they were promised on launch.

Frankly, the Xmas deals on the system are too good to pass up.

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