Xbox disc problem

Geordie Jester

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Hi guys,

I know this is probably a stupid question....but hey that's not stopped me before ! :) ......

I have had Xbox Music Mixer since xmas and all of a sudden it has stopped working. Other games are fine. Looking at the disc there are no scratches visible at all. In fact, it's perfect. Is there anything I can use to clean the surface or does it just sound like a dodgy disc ?

It was ordered online and the thought of all the hassle to get it exchanged is putting me off.

Just wondered if there were any last things I could try.

regards. Our karaoke parties are counting on you !

Geordie Jester

Well-known Member
Thanks Taz. Im going to try a lens cleaner first and see if it helps.

I don't think I would have one of the early drives in my box. Is there a way to tell from the dashboard or do I need to open it up to see if I have a Thompson drive ?

Gary D

Distinguished Member
have you tried deleting the save file, I cant see that it would be a dirty lens as that would surely affect other games too.

Good Luck.


Geordie Jester

Well-known Member
Its definately a 'read' problem as it can't even load the game.

I don't really think its a dirty lens either, but mebbes say a dirty lens and dirty disc doesnt work, but a dirty lens and perfect disc does! So cleaning it might just give it an extra chance to be able to read the 'dodgy' disc.

I'll try it and see.


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