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hi guys had a monthly gold live account for over a year now but decided to get a prepaid 12month code which i entered and all was fine

problem was microsoft were still billing me for my monthly account which should have stopped when i entered my prepaid code

phoned them up today got some woman on the phone and in my finest english i told her i wanted to cancel my monthly supscription because i entered a 12month code

after a few min and a bit of confusion she said no problem and said my monthly account was cancelled and the prepaid code would come in to effect
no problem i said and and that was that

now i go online and found out my fulll account was canceled e.g no a longer gold account but silver account so phoned them back and and got a guy this time mexican i belive and told him my problem he said one of his superious would phone me back in 48hrs to sort this out as he did not have access to retreving old subscriptions

so am unable to go online untill then

and no longer have the old prepaid code i entered about a month ago

what can i do guys ???

anyone else had this problem ????


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You shouldn't have phoned them up to cancel anything. By entering the prepaid code, it automatically adds another 12 months onto your Live sub, meaning that you credit card would then not be charged until the full time had elapsed. By that point you can simply renew on your credit card (as before) or get another 12 month sub. I've been doing this since I joined Live years ago (mainly because the 12 month cards can be had for far cheaper than the regular renewal rate of £5.99pcm/£39.99 per year). I think you can also modify your account renewal settings on MS's billing site.

I'm not saying that the MS rep isn't a dozy **** for mucking up your account though.


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yeah thats what i thought about the prepaid code they would stop billing me but that never worked and thats why i phoned them

what annoys me is the ms woman said that it was done

her english was so broken why hire some that bad

i hope they sort this out as i am not paying for another 12month code because some south amercian cant understand english and go ahead and lie and say its been sorted

this guy who is meant to phone me is going to get his cage rattled if i get the slightest bit of it aint my fault nothing i can do attitude :devil:


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got it sorted they are sending me my code back via email and they said it was there fault :thumbsup:

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