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XBOX Controller to PC USB cable

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Building DIY' started by CodeThief, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. CodeThief

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    May 25, 2002
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    Anyone here ever made one?? I've got some real nasty problems with the one I've made ....

    We're trying to make an XBOX controller to USB cable.

    This should be simple enough and theres about eleventy million tutorials out there on the net that all say the same thing ...

    The XBOX controller has 5 coloured wires and a shield.

    A USB cable has 4 coloured wires and a shield.

    4 of the XBOX wires are the same colours as USB and it is in fact a hybrid USB cable / device.

    Red (+5v)
    White (Data)
    Green (Data)
    Black (Ground)

    All of the tutorials say connect together the coloured wires, red to red white to white etc and connect the shield's together. Ignore the yellow wire on the XBOX side as it's some kind of recognition for certain controllers (light pen or something).

    We've wired this up twice now using 2 different USB cables just in case. When plugging the cable into the PC it appears to overload the USB controller on the motherboard and my USB devices stop working and won't work again until rebooting. If we don't connect the shield it doesn't ruin the USB devices but the controller won't accept the drivers we've downloaded (about 6 different ones that all apparenlty work).

    Using a multimeter we know nothing is shorting so it's not that BUT when checking on a joypad AND on an XBOX wheel we found that the +5v connector and the shield short out when the controller is plugged into the cable. Why would it be designed like this?? This explains the USB controller overloading but I can't find anything on the net about anyone else having this problem.

    It does this on my PC, my laptop and Cookie's PC so we know it's not machine specific. We also know that the controllers work perfectly on an XBOX so it's not that and we've triple checked the wiring and it doesn't seem to be that ...

    What are we missing

    Anyone any ideas??

    Anyone got a pre-made XBOX convertor cable?


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