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This might sound like a crazy idea, but here goes.

I have always found that the RGB output on Xbox is a little on the soft side especially compared to my PS2.

I have read that using Good quality component leads sharpens thing up considerably. Unfortunatelly my Sony TV does not have Component inputs.

If I were to get a Component to RGB converter, get some component leads for the Xbox and connect to the Tv via RGB scart would this improve the picture.

I know it may sound like madness, but I want the best picture quality possible.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Its all in the leads...

I've got 2 sets of RGB leads for the XBOX, and one set, the proper microsoft advanced set are no where near as good as the cheap RGB lead I bought of Ebay...

Remeber also that the XBOX uses Bilinear Filtering/Antialisaing to make a more realistic image, the PS2 hasn't got the oomph to do this, and ends up looking more bitty, which I suppose in some situations may look better... but I'd suspect its your RGB lead none the less..

Its the same with component, I have a HDTV kit that gives component, and it looks softer then RGB, but I am told the lead I bought is prone to this... you just can't win..


What rgb lead do u use for your xbox DEMON? ive bought 2 so far, the official microsoft one and a third party more expensive one but neither provide a decent image quality for my tastes :(

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I think your idea is pretty much a non starter.

RGB+ Composite sync (as output by your X-Box) should potentially be sharper than YUV - both of these signals are in fact types of Component signals as they separate out elements of the video signals into separate lines on the interconnect cable.

YUV component is not generally included in the specification of SCART sockets so its unlikely that you can get YUV Component into your TV anyway.

Have you tried another RGB source into your TV - it could be it has a 'soft' look on its RGB Input - also plenty folk say they prefer the look of S-Video into some Sony TV's (I believe Sony may convert RGB to S-Video internally on some TV's) - if you have S-Video out from your X-Box I'd try that option.

Best regards


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