Xbox Component Cable Problem


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We've got Samsung HDTV in the living room and as I've got a newish Xbox 360 Slim in my room, I hooked up my old Premium model to the living room TV with the component cables (the old 360 doesn't support HDMI). The picture looks fine but every so often (completely random), the picture will blank out for a second or two (including sound) and then reappear along with the TV Source info.

We've had no trouble with any HDMI connection on the TV but this is the first time the component connection (which is through one of Samsung's adapters: http://www.e-techsiliconvalley.com/store/bmz_cache/f/f58e34ca29f508e2eccdb91b5831c3d3.image.667x408.jpg) have been used.

Could it be the TV or the actual component cables? I've not used the cables for over twelve months since getting the 360 Slim and using HDMI with that. Could the cables be on their way out?

I can remember having a couple of issues with them on my bedroom TV before when a few times, the 360 would turn on with a muddy looking image but after a quick restart it would be fine again.

I've tried turning off Anynet+ CEC on the TV just in case that was causing any problems but the problem persists.

I've switched across to the composite part of the cable (which uses the same adapter and socket on the TV) and so far there has been no problems.

Can anyone advise? Could it be the component cables or something on the TV?
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