Xbox - CDR or CD RW on jukebox?




I am currently putting tunes on my hardrive having been too busy playing games to get round to doing it earlier. Anyway I wanted clarrification as to the formats that do and don't work when trying this. I remember being told in the past that most CDR's don't work, but some do if the disk is completley full. Is this right? How about RW's?
I ideally want to put some off mine and my mates homemade tunes from PC onto the harddrive, so any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks for that.

If I'm saving from a programme such as fruity loops what format should I save my music or should it just be saved as an audio CD?


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just save it as an audio cd

and all cdrw seem to work fine, its just when you get into dvd-r etc. that the problems really start.

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