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Anyone else have a problem with brightness from XBOX using standard cables (i.e. too dark - even at full brightness)?

It may be the TV (JVC lcd 26 inch) - I need to try on another.

I was just wondering if the Advanced Scart (RGB) would make a difference.

Demon Luci

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Found exactly the same problem. However I bought the Advanced scart to switch to RGB and it was even darker (as RGB usually is).

Have since gone back to composite and just use the advanced scart for 5.1 sound.

My recent consoles on the same TV have been Dreamcast and Gamecube and they were fine. It just seems to be an XBox thing.


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If it's a common problem, how come I've not found any threads about it??

Why would RGB be darker?


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Agreed, if anything it should be brighter with more vivid colours?! :confused:


It's a known problem not a common one, the nvida chipset the xbox uses for some reason darkens the image especially with RGB on certain displays.
My Toshiba ZP18 tv was very dark via RGB, games like PGR and Tigerwoods 2003 were unplayable via the official Advanced scart pack. However via component everything was fine, s-video was also fine so maybe you should be looking at one of these options to connect your xbox not composite


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Bought the advanced Scart..... Picture quality is much better, and the brightness ???? Perfect! I can actually see myself being killed in the likes of Halo and James Bond.

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