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Xbox banding problem through component



The problem i'm having is with the picture quality outputted from my xbox through component cables to my hdtv. My tv is a PV500 and my xbox is a modified crystal version (a crystal model back from when they were "limited edition")

The problem is feint horizontal lines appear on the screen, both in 480i and 480p modes. I use enigma video mode switch to select ntsc mode so i can enable progressive scan. The odd thing is this banding appears a lot thinner while in ntsc 480i mode than it does when in pal 480i or ntsc 480p.

Another thing is i now have 3 component cables. The first i got were really cheap, i eventually replaced them for more expensive ones because i want an optical out. The banding was more noticeable on the dearer ones, but still noticeable on the cheaper ones. Eventually i decided to seek out the official microsoft cables and managed to find them. The banding is even more noticeable through them however.

I have a non modified PAL xbox which i tried with the cable and it doesn't seem to show any noticeable banding at all.

My question is did anyone have the same problem as me and manage to solve it? Could it have anything to do with the bios on my modified xbox? Could updating the bios change anything? Or am i really unlucky and just have a dodgy xbox?

Any help would be appreciated.



I had banding on my non modded box . Vertical faint green & red lines
Solved it by modding it and enabling the hi def modes by way of the enigmah switch and the MS dash



Mine seems to happen in both progressive and non progressive video modes, and in both PAL and NTSC modes using enigma switch. It's doesn't appear to my tv since the ps2 is perfect using component at 480p. Also i just noticed using MPEG NR on my tv reduces the effect slightly, but at the same time reduces the image clarity giving it a blurring effect.
Is this a common problem with xbox's and have i just been unlucky in getting one with a dodgy component video output?

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