Xbox as a media player / plays Dolby/DTS but no True HD/ DTS HD master


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Hello guys. I would appreciate your clarification on that since the discussions around this topic are probably a bit outdated.

So I've recently got Xbox one X, and I am curious to know whether I can play surround from media content coming from the USB External Drive.

What I have read from previous topics is that no other app except the Xbox Blu-ray app can play surround sound. However, I installed Media-player app, VLC and Kodi to try out and it seems Kodi manages to transmit surround from Dolby or DTS based content. When I toggle between the audio outputs, there is a clear DTS 5.1. option and it also sounds like a surround thing.

If I play a DTS HD Master content for some reason Kodi represents it as "unknown DTS 0 channel format" and it sounds like a linear PCM (all speakers giving the same thing). I wonder why it doesn't downgrade and give out the standard Dolby or DTS in these cases?

So is it true that I can watch DTS or Dolby on the Xbox one Kodi app but for Dolby True HD or DTS HD sound I can use only the blu-ray player app?

Thanks in advance :)


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I don't use my X as a media player that often but I watched a movie last night using the VLC app playing the file from a external USB drive and my denon amp displayed Atmos on the front (also shown in the denon app on my phone) and there was certainly activity from the surround speakers during the film, but couldn't swear if the was any height activity as it wasn't that sort of film to take advantage of any height sounds.

II can't say anything about the kodi app as I've never made it work successfully on the xbox


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There is a bitstream possibility for Dolby Atmos. Probably that's why. For DTS Master HD and Dolby True HD I am still testing whether it is passed through. I try with different configurations - uncompressed 5.1 and bitstream out. Will report here what's the case. Interesting enough, with a friend we tried Raspberry and it transmits all the surround formats to the amplofier by playing anything locally.

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