Xbox - any jan` sale package deals??

Bone Daddy

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Need an Xbox NOW so was wondering if anyone knew of any deals that are in the january sales at the moment - thanks...


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I don't know of any Jan sales but you can get game to match toy r us deal which is £199 for Xbox and 5 games including the 2 already in the box.

I got Jet Set Radio, Sega GT, Halo, Splinter Cell and Blinx.


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Either the site is rubbish, hard to navigate to sections or its plain not there. I could not even find an Xbox for sale on the site at any price:confused:


personally if you want a few games then the hmv offer is hard to beat

159 then 20 off each game upto 5 games

i paid 265

for xbox + 2 standard free games

Hitman 2

the toys r us sounds a good deal though

they are also doing 2 for 1 on games so maybe that works out cheaper

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