Xbox and S-Video out


Having to move around my connections to my Panny PF10 to accommodate RGB on my new DVD player.

So I was wondering if it was possible to get S-Video out - maybe via soft mod - while still using the official RGB Scart or do I need to use an Xbox S-Video cable?

If not possible can anyone recommend a good Xbox S-Video cable that also does the 5.1 digital out.



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I don't know about modding a scart lead to deliver s-video for an Xbox but it was easily done with a PS2. If the Xbox has all the necessary pins active and the output socket doesn't detect what sort of cable is connected for scart it might be possible I suspect the Xbox detects the cable type though.

Modifying a bought s-video lead to terminate with a scart instead of minidin would be simple enough. The pinout diagrams are on the net.

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