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Hi, Im a 17 year old 6th form student doing a project about gaming storage for my A-level and i wish to know about how people store their xbox games, headsets, controllers, consoles etc, and any problems people have with the storage they currently use. Any information is appreciated, thank you.

I have my things for my console laying on my desk and they take up way too much space. it would be helpful if there was a better way to store everything together than there already is which could hold everything and keep it in one place.

i dont really have any problems with the way i store my things, but my xbox does overheat and ive always thought it would help if there was something that could hold it and keep it cooler

i keep my Xbox games in a drawer and they all end up getting mixed up with my other things and it would be useful if they could be organised better

i think it would be cool to have a storage thing that can hold all my stuff and charge my controller
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My current setup has my console horizontal in a TV stand in the main lounge (hoping for a man cave at some point in the future, but for now my console is on the main TV). It's got good ventilation with good clearance above and to the sides of the console for airflow. Storage of games isn't an issue for me personally as I've gone all digital since the Xbox One was launched.

Storage of the external drives that need to be plugged into the console via USB is more of an issue. Current TV stands don't really take these into account. My stand has a closed back so I can't see a load of wires at the back. I've had to run a USB extension out the back of the stand and the drives live at the back, out of sight. Only problem with this setup is if I do need access to change one it's difficult.

Storage of accessories isn't ideal for me. I keep my elite controller out in the open on a side table and charge it through a micro-USB cable. My headset is stuffed down the side of the sofa and I pull it out when needed. The case for the elite controller is kept in the storage part of a foot stool. The new elite controller (launches in November) comes with an integrated battery and a charger included which can be plugged in through the case, so when that arrives I'll start keeping my controller in the case.

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