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I made a post the other week about my xbox not making the beeps etc, but now the PSU has given up, well I think that is what it mean's when the PSU light flashes orange and then just goes solid red. I don't know if this has anything to do with the thunder and lighting that we had yesterday while I was out.
Will GAME replace just the PSU under there waranty. Or will I get a new console.

Edit 1: For some reason the PSU has started working again now, but I have no idea if it will keep working, any advice is appreciated

Edit 2: I know what is doing it, every time I plug my play and charge kit in it sends the PSU into red mode, but why I have no clue. The left side front usb just makes it flash orange but if you plug it into the right front usb it turns it solid red :confused:
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Yeah, my other one doesn't even charge anymore and the one that will charge the battery pack's send the PSU mental. Last time I bother with MS product, might as well just save for ordinary rechargeable batteries

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