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any heads up on where's the best place to buy guys? :)

or are they all more or less the same :thumbsup:

Indiana Jones

Why not check the faq as it lists the best places to order :rolleyes:
But its really too late now as most if not all places will have gone through their launch allocation, you best bet is to find somewhere that didnt do pre-orders and be there early on launch day.


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yeah checked out the faq m8.............very very good............but they all seem to be more or less the same!...........will keep looking though :clap:

jon smith

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llanellijack said:
Currys look like they're still taking pre-orders for core and premium packs.
Ooh, cheers for that. They had stopped taking orders when I looked yesterday. No idea if this means i'll get one soon or not, but at least i'm in a queue of some sort now.


What a pathetic thread title, considering the main topic of discussion at the moment - For that alone, this thread should be locked or deleted until the thread starter reads the wee item about good and bad thread titles! Booooh!! :thumbsdow :nono:
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