Xbox 360 won't detect new hard drive

sealy bear

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Hello. Im new to the Xbox scene and am having some trouble with a new hard drive. I went out and bought a 60gb hard drive with the intention of transfering my files from my old hard drive but my xbox will not recognise the new hard drive when plugged in. It will recognise it via the usa cable i got to transfer the files but then it formats it to 16gb and the console still will not read the drive. My xbox is farily old (Dose not have a HDMI output) and i have tried more than one new hard drive (I took the first one back and excahnged it for a different one with the same results) and i could use some help? Is this a fault with the console itself? can the new hard drive be formatted using a PC? What format would the new hard drive have to be in?
Would it be easier to save up for a new slim model? any help would be greatly apriciated. Thanks

Sam :lease:


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I assume this is not an official hdd and just a usb storage device? For the 360 to view the files on the HDD I believe it needs to be fat32 or the HFS+ (mac) and not NTFS that the drive may be currently formatted.

Can you hook it up to your pc, and then under my computer right click onto the drive and goto properties it should show what format the drive is in. If it is NTFS you might want to try and format it and then set it to fat32 (you will loose all data on the hdd).

note that the 360 will treat a usb connected device in a different manner to its own official hdd, so perhaps what you are trying to do is not possible. If you format part of it for the 16gb of space you can use that to move downloaded arcade games to for example, but you could not move them to the normal part of the drive.

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