xbox 360 + WLT66 - Should I buy VGA for SD DVD playback


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After extensive searching I still can not make up my mind what to do.

I have a 360 connected to my tosh WLT66 via component.

I have read that the 360s recent update allows DVD upscaling but only through VGA connection.

If I get a VGA cable I would be able to set the resolution to the native resolution and therefore get 1:1 mapping.

Can anyone tell me from experience whether there would be a noticeably better DVD playback using VGA than component?

(I do not have the HD-DVD drive)

Thanks in advance for any help


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VGA will allow to set a wider variety of resolutions and will probably give the best results.

I cant comment on upscaling over component or VGA as I currently dont have an XBox setup to test.


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Thanks for the reply Sinzterguy.

I just had a go with a vga cable I borrowed off someone at work and to be honest I could not really tell the difference with games and DVDs.

I had a play with different resolutions but I still could not get a SD DVD picture that I was 100% happy with. Maybe I will have to buy the HD-DVD..... :)


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The WLT66 is a great set, BUT it cannot do 1:1 pixel mapping.

you are better off with component with this tv.

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