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Jan 1, 2009
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I am gaming now in 1080p with HDMI on my samsung LE32C530, however unsure the picture loosk correct, i appear to have articacts or noise if you know what i mean on the screen. I am gaming using game mode on my HD LCD TV with the official 360 cable. Any suggestions? Should i be using component cables in that xase or do i need a much more expensive HDMI cable. i just find image have noise around them.
Cheap HDMI cables are not a problem

Simple things to try however are:
Different HDMI port on the TV/different connection eg component
Different TV with the 360
Different 360 with the TV

It is likely to be a 360 problem or cable problem so try those things and there should be one commonality :thumbsup:
Try calibrating the brightness/contrast settings and turn off any additional picture processing settings.
which one would they be

I don't have a Samsung so not sure but on mine anything like noise reduction, detail enhancer, edge enhancer.

There was a thread a few days ago about someone with a samsung TV trying to fine tune their settings for games, try giving it a read for some tips.

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