Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter with DLink Access Point

Discussion in 'Xbox Forums' started by windfall, Mar 14, 2006.

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    Hi Guys

    I was at my parents at the weekend and for the first time needed to use the wireless access from the xbox 360. My Dad has a Netgear 834GT with MAC filtering on and no encryption.
    After adding the MAC address into the config, the xbox connected and we were online with no problems!
    Now back at the ranch (so to speak) I have a draytek 2600 router and a DLink Ap2000+ access point.
    I use WPA-PSK and MAC filtering and could not get the 360 to connect. I turned off MAC and Encryption - still no connection.
    I have now upgraded to the latest firmware and reconfigured the access point and still no connection to it.
    When I do the "test Xbox Live Connection) the xbox sees the usb adapter and then just fails on the wireless network.
    If I go and browse the wireless networks - it see's my network and says its connected!! Therefore I am completely baffled.

    No I know many peeps will say do some searches - I have been doing that most of the morning! so if any one else is using a DLINK Ap2000+ access point and knows anything I would really appreciate it.



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