Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Video.


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I couldn't notice the difference. No doubt that Sonic on the PS3 will just be a port of the 360 version anyway, as the 360 is here and now. But yeh, I expect all multiformat titles to be similar - over time though I do expect PS3 to be able to pull off better visuals and maybe even steady framerates. Both are similar, but it comes down to the games.

The one selling point for a PS3 for me was WWE SvR, MGS4 and GTA4. For those 3 titles I would have purchased one, when all 3 titles were to be released anyway. No longer do Sony have that same offering, SvR 07 is nextgen exclusive to 360 and GTA4 is now appearing on 360 as well plus we have the bonus of other great exclusives like Halo 3, Gears of War, SC Double Agent(nextgen 360 exclusive) - mix with that mutiformat hits like Call of Duty 3 and ....... can't think of any more lol. I think its safe to say for the moment the Xbox 360 clearly offers gamers the best experience.


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I think you've just about summed it up there Wayne.......

As stated many, many times it's all about the games....and this time Microsofts machine for this year anyway is the downright winner.....



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The only difference I saw was that the 360 screen was a bit brighter.

I saw that on and I couldn't tell the difference.


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When you compare both the 360 and PS3 graphically and power wise you'll find that there isn't really a major big difference in either of them so when games are ported from either one console to another they will basically look the same

The only real thing that there will be a difference in is (which you will only probably be able to tell) is that the 360 supports 720p while the PS3 supports 1080p but games like MGS4 can probably be played on the 360 and to be honest if I'd rather have a 360 then having to spend £425 on a PS3 and then get a 1080p HD TV just to notice a difference, then again I have heard recently reports on gamespot that the 360 may be able to handle 1080p :)



The ps3 will be on par with 360 on the cross platform games, no one machine will be better in my opinion. Although i do not believe the $ony hype machine after bigging up the ps2 to be the best thing ever and it turned out to be a bit poo really.


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