Xbox 360 Video Signals


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The Xbox 360 has PAL in Europe and NTSC in the US.

Does anyone know if you plug in an Xbox via VGA that there is still a signal type? I would have thought it was just digital.

I maybe talking rubbish here. But does anyone know?


PAL/NTSC only applies to the scart/composite connections.


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VGA isn't digital, it's an analogue signal. The digital equivalent is DVI (Digital Video Interface).

PAL or NTSC does not apply to a VGA signal as they are both interlaced I believe. The VGA signal is progressive.

Pal is 576i @ 50hz (Although you can select PAL 60 for a 60hz signal), and NTSC is 480i @ 60hz I think. So anything that deviates from these standards does not fit into the PAL or NTSC category.

So in answer to your question, no, there is not a signal type through VGA. :)

Willing to be corrected if i've got any of this wrong! :smashin:


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I'm working out in the US at the moment and took my 360 with me. The rented apartment has a crappy old TV and using the s-video its back and white.

So if I bought a used LCD TV or Monitor and connected via VGA/DVI I should be ok? correct? :confused:

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