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Pizza Panda


Me and my mate want to start capturing our Gears of War matches (on my setup at first), and then editing them on PC.
My PC is right next to my 360 so that won't be an issue I just need a way to capture it.

My setup however makes it slightly complex (I think), I have my 360 connected to my old Dell 22" Monitor with a Microsoft VGA Cable, connected to some cheap speakers using the red and yellow wires that branch of the VGA cable.

All guides and things I've seen involve capturing from a TV using S-Video and so on, which of course my old screen does not have. If someone could let me know of a way to capture straight of the xbox to something, and then to a USB I can plug into my PC, or a way to use capture using the VGA on my screen (of which there is only one, but I think I have splitters somewhere) I would be most greatful.


*EDIT* Should this be in another part of the site? I perhaps should have put it in Video editing and stuff, apoligies.

Nivek TT

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Not quite available yet but the Haupage HD PVR could probably capture the component output...

The Hauppauge HD PVR is a stand alone box which takes a component stream eg 1080i or 720p from a HD source (eg Xbo 360) and compresses it as a H.264 stream and spits this out via USB to computer where it can be archived and played using a (reasonably hi-spec) computer.


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could you not record on to pvr or dvd recorder or something, then take the dvd to the pc, convert it, and edit it?

Pizza Panda

Hey, thanks for your replies, I don't quite follow but I assume you mean I need to aquire some kind of DVD Recorder like thing that I can link up to my old PC Screen? or to my 360? And I'd be greatful if you could link wikipedia pages or somewhere selling it so I could have a look at prices and stuff.

Sorry I'm so technology fail and need explanations XD



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If you have the money and a good PC, then buy a Blackmagic Intenisty Pro, mainly because when you record you can display the recording feed on two displays in other words one on your PC from the card.

And the other via a HDMI cable from the HDMI output on the card.


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Hooking up my 360 to a dvd recorder then to the TV (Via composite to TV, component to recorder) gave a second or so of lag - made playing online games pretty hard.


Youtube has a few good demos on how to do this kind of thing. Not tried any though yet. I keep meaning to hook it up to my dvd to see how it works.

Pizza Panda

Thanks, I'll look up those methods.

What I've found with the youtube guides is that they only really show how to do it from a TV, rather than a PC screen. Which is why I came here.

But yeah, thanks alot.

(Feel free to keep posting in this thread for others and possibly still my benefit :))


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Well, I was meaning that you could connect the xbox to the dvd recorder (which in turn is connected to the tv).

Then, play the game through the recorder, which is displaying the output to the tv. Record this. Then, take the dvd to your pc, and use some conversion software to put it onto the pc to edit it...

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