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I had a look through some old posts, couldn't quite find what I was looking for (though I know this has been asked a fair bit).

Anyway, I had the PAL version of Doom Ltd Ed, which obviously didn't play after I got my VGA cable. Having read about the 60Hz issue, I obtained the US version of the Ltd Ed, and loaded it up, only to get the "not compatible with PAL 50" message, which I thought was rather strange.

I tried deleting everything regards to Doom off the 360 hard drive, and then did the clear cache trick to get rid of the BC update. However, I still get the PAL 50 message.

I reconnected my Component lead, loaded Doom, pressed Info on the Samsung remote, and it tells me the screen is receiving 1280 x 720 at 50Hz. I'm bloody confused about this, there's no way an NTSC released game would have 50Hz :confused:

Anyone got any ideas what could be causing this? The US version of Doom didn't cost me anything so I'm not too worried, it's just annoying having to reconnect the Component cable if I want to play it. :lease:

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Its probaley something to do with the US version of the game not being fully compatible with the UK BC Emualtion Software, after all the emulation software is programmed to recognise the PAL50hz version of the game, not the NTSC60hz version.


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so then if he signs in with a US account and loads Doom3 he should get the US update?


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Shouldn't Microsoft note the VGA compatibility issue on the list? I purchased Halo in good faith bacause the list said it would work, only to find it doesn't work with the VGA lead. :(

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