Xbox 360 universal media remote question


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Hey guys, I was wondering if there is a way to know what mode the universal xbox 360 media remote is in? I keep turning on my xbox when I want to turn on my tv and I keep turning off my tv when I want to turn on my xbox. It's getting really annoying. As far as I can tell, there is a tv button that toggles the modes but no indication of what mode you are in. Can anyone shed some light on this situation for me?



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When the tv button is red, its in tv mode, when its green, its xbox mode. Push one of the arrow buttons or something to see whats mode its in.


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Weird, my red led doesn't work. Basically if I press the arrow button and the whole remote lights up, it's in xbox mode. If I press the arrow button and the whole remote doesn't light up, it's in TV mode. Thanks for the reply...I guess this works lol.


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Press the big round TV button, it goes Orange(TV) or Green(Xbox).
But after 5 seconds TV mode automatically expires if you haven't pressed a button and it returns to Xbox mode.

Try removing the batteries to reboot the remote because it sounds like yours has gone funky.


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Yea, I know about the tv button, but mine doesn't behave that way. It's so strange. Keep in mind, I got my remote in 2005. So, maybe they didn't have the red LEDs back then? I also am using the batteries that came with it...from 2005 hahahaha.

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