Xbox 360/Tosh 32wl48 Resolution




i have on order a 360 with the vga cable, i also have the lovely tosh 32wl48. The problem is that when i have my pc connected via the pc input and i try 1280*720 the signal drops out! 1024*768 works fine.

What is the resolution the 360 will run at whe in high-def mode?

Any help would be great.


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720p mode which all games support is 1280x720.
Why do you want to connect it to your tv using VGA? Probably better to use component unless you've already got something using that.


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i sure hi def is 1280x720 minimum.....thats what the 'hd ready' screens have to comply with anyway.

not so sure about the horizontal lines but def. 720 vertical.

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