Xbox 360 through HDMI


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I just got an 1909 & have begun to set it up. While doing this I've come across this problem.

When playing the 360, it shows that it's only receiving the FL & FR speakers, while outputting @ 5.1. The actual speakers I hear sound through are the FL, C, FR & SW. I'm not getting anything through the rear speakers. What am I doing wrong?

I'm new to this & have reached my wits end with trying to figure it out on my own.

Any help is appreciated.


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Try switching on the 360 after the receiver (having also selected the correct input you are using for the 360).


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Also have you set the xbox to output Dolby Digital?

and are your surround speakers connected to the Surround outputs and not the surround back (these are the extra speakers in a 7.1 setup).


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Awesome! With my old Samsung I had to turn the system on before changing over the receiver to get it to work.

Though now it seems that nothing is coming from my subwoofer. Any suggestions for that?

Sorry for all my noobieness.
you have to tell the amp what speakers you have... have you set all these up as the amp comes 'blank'


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Actually I'm almost there in terms of getting it figured out. I just can't figure out how to get the subwoofer back up. I had it going earlier then at some point it just stop sending out sound.

Again thanks to everyone taking their time to help me out.
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