XBOX 360 Stops Digital Signal


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I dont know if this is the right place to ask this. But I wasnt sure where else to ask this..

I play my 360 through a Monitor and my wife watches TV whilst its on.. Well I say she watches it, she tries too, When I turn the xbox 360 on, it somehow interferes with the TV signal and puts Green splashes on the screen, or failing that I get no display at all,

It doesnt matter if its through a Freeview Box or the Freeveiw built in the TV...

Has anybody else had this problem or heard of this problem before...

As soon as the Xbox is turned off the TV regains full signal again..

It seems its only the digital signal that it interferes with, if I turn Freeveiw off and use analouge connection the picture is fine, but then I obviously loose my Freeveiw channels...

The XBOX is 10+ foot away from the TV and not connected to it in any way shape or form

any help greatfully recieved


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I have googled this problem and found others that have similar problems but theres been no actual answers on how to cure this problem,

Has any body got any ideas at all, as the wife nagging everytime I try and do some gaming gets a bit tedious at times


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Sounds like a leaky lead from your Ariel to your TV or the lead from the ariel to the Freeview tuner. Either way you have some sort of shielding problem. I have 2 Xbox 360's and I have tried every way possible to interfere with my TV on the Freeview side and the only way I have found to cause any sort of leakage was to connect an old open core lead to the Ariel which caused vertical blanking and all sorts of interference to get through. I even turned my Amp on which does not have a tuner built in. I again had interference which gave it blocking blanking and rolling.
When I changed it over to a sealed lead everything returned to normal. I don't even use the freeview but I thought that as I have an Xbox360 or 2 I would try and see if there was anything logical apart from tuner frequency conflict.
This could be another reason you are having problems. If the 360 is set as wireless and the freeview tuner operates on the same 2.4Ghz frequency as the 360's wireless adapter then that could be your issue. What encourages me is that it seems to be okay when you switch over to UHF on your TV from the digital and weverything seems fine. The UHF frequency is wider and more robust than the digital so even on the poorest tv's you should get a reaonable signal.
I would try leads first before the other half throws you out.

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