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Hi i have a Panasonic TX32LXD600 with a dvd recorder set up to the component input. I can set the xbox though the vga but the problem is how to get the audio set up as the component is plugged in to it, is there a device that will let me use both so i don't have to keep swapping leads over.




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There should be a seperate audio input to go with the VGA.
The component audio won't work with the VGA.

On my TV there is a audio input next to the vga like what you get on a pc monitor. Because it's a single jack plug slot, I use a phono splitter> jack plug and it gives stereo sound that way.

I rarely use the TV sound for 360 though (just at night or for the missus) so i's plugged into my amp via optical cable.

Dunno if that helps


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Hi there Thanks for your reply, but on the back of the tv there are two sets of audio inputs both with left and right one set is there to set up with a amplifier and the other works with both component and vga. Seems to be the only flaw with a otherwise great tv. I could buy an amp and speakers (Sound Is great on the tv so don't want to spend more) or a Switch box but there must be a cheaper way to do this. Someone on here must have come across this problem before or should i try posting in the Cables & Interconnects.

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