Xbox 360...RROD again...3rd time lucky


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yay I am back to crappy PS3 and PSN now, thanks to my xbox 360 having RROD last night just after the forza 3 sunday night series

I was sort of expecting it tbh as the last few time I've used the 360 I have noticed a very distinct whirring sound even when a disc isn't in the tray and also the console has froze-up 4 times this last week (the same symptoms that led to my previous RROD issues)

I'm toying with buying a new (black 120gig) elite as they are supposedly fully sorted as far as RROD issue goes....anyone with a new BLACK 120gig ELITE? how is it going?

I have a Transfer kit on the way so if I do go for the new one I'll be able to fire all my game saves and music across to the new drive no problem

I have had the repair email through and will arrange the pickup via UPS

i'm getting used to this :suicide:



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mines started to freeze a lot again...if this one goes this will be my 6th one since launch..>Its only happening on Forza at the moment though so Il see. Out of the country for 4 months in 4 weeks and my Launch PS3 has already packed up in a stuffed Blu Ray Laser so im just hoping my xbox survives the next 4 weeks.


....anyone with a new BLACK 120gig ELITE? how is it going?

My new Elite is brilliant, not much noise coming from it. Even the DVD drive does not make as much noise as my older 360. When I put my hand over the fans when facing the faceplate the left fan blows out a little bit of heat but the right fan blows out cold air.

So far Im very pleased with my Japser Elite. :)


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I got my NEW 360 yesterday afternoon

they sent me a 07/2009 one this time instead of fixing my old 10/2006 one again

the new one runs a lot quieter, I'm very happy with it


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Nice, mine just froze with black screen during Forza, defo dead will freeze after 5-15mins. :mad: Tho that was it's first freeze since repair over 2yrs ago.:)
Not gonna repair this time (not yet anyway) gonna go buy new nxt week or week after. some the arcade deals are class and with plenty of trades will cost well less than £100
I need forza tho always die at weekends. :mad::rotfl:

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