Xbox 360 Premium or Elite which one to buy?


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Ive owned my xbox 360 premium ever since launch day and it has been a great servent , however tho old girl is getting
on a bit and i think its about time i get a replacement the only question is do i get another premium or an elite.

From what i understand the only diffrences between the two is that the elite is in black and has a hdmi port for 1080p, and a bigger hard drive.

What i would like to know is how much better is the elite than the premium for example is there a difference in picture quality
and graphics because its using hdmi, also how loud is the elite compared to the premium etc

Just in case its relevent i do own a samsung 32" HDTV but it does'nt do 1080p

I would appreciate any advice about which one you think is the best one to buy.



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All new xbox 360's (core(arcade),premium and elite) now have a hdmi port.
The only difference between a premium and and elite is the bigger hard drive (that is £129 rrp) and a hdmi cable included in the box - and also that the elite is black!
Personaly I went for an elite because it was black (matched all my other av stuff) - and the bigger hard drive.

Regarding the noise issuses - they still exist and compared to a friends premium they are pretty much the same - noisey as ****!

Hope this helps



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The above post pretty much covers it. All have HDMI now so it's really down to colour and hard drive size. And seeing as you already have a 360, you'll know if the 20gig is big enough or if you really need the 120gig.

hdmi port for 1080p
As for this, all 360's, including the originals, can do 1080p over Component and VGA as long as your TV accepts it.

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As everyone else has said the Elite is black and has a bigger hard drive. Also comes with a HDMI cable included and an Audio dongle so you can hvae it through HDMI and also connect to an Av Amp via optical. The Premium has a HDMI and smaller hard drive but does not come with a HDMI Cable included or the Audio dongle.

All depends if you want a black xbox and one with a bigger Hard drive. Not a huge difference in price.

If your going to connect via HDMI and want to connect to a surround sound system then i would go for the Elite as it has all the cables you will need included. Just connect to your tv via HDMI and set to 720p and it will look great on your TV.

Just thought i would mention that if you want an easy upgrade them maybe go for the premium as then you can just swap the hard drives, i believe you will have to transfer it all from your current to the Elites hard drive.

I have an Elite and i only got that because it was Black and i wanted it future proof on the hard drive...bigger the better i say :D



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I'd agree, i think the xbox looks better in black, not only that but you do save money on cables, fair enough you dont need to use a microsoft HDMI cable but if you want optical you'll need get the microsoft dongle, which is only available with a hdmi cable i believe, you may be able to blag MS for one, but its not a dead cert.
I didnt think i'd need the hard disk space that much, but remember that even the 20gb you dont get the full 20, due to formatting and also some stuff thats whacked on there. So far i've not really downloaded much apart from a few map packs and videos/arcade games and im already about 90 left, which is quite scary where it's all gone!

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Just looked up the prices and your looking at £60 difference and for the £60 you get a bigger hard drive, HDMI cable & Audio Dongle and a sweet looking machine.

The Hard drive can be used to rip cd's onto it so you could have your cd collection on there. Ofcourse game demo's, video's from the Marketplace and also there is a rumour that with an update soon you will be able to put your own files onto the hard drive, MP3's, Video's & Pictures.

If you are purchasing a new machine you might want to check out the below links.

The falcon chipset is supposed to run alot cooler and eliminate the RROD !!
The benq drive is supposed to be the more reliable and the quieter of them all but it will still sound like a Jet Engine !

Hope this helps

Deftones82 :thumbsup:


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Mind you - 60 pounds for a 100gigs is quite expensive...

But it's black, so there you go.


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I noticed that my Elite (Falcon) is much quiter than my launch model premium.

As I bought mine from CostCo (which I highly recommend) did a straight swap for the Elite when I got the RROD, AND got some money back (as the price had fallen since the original service).

If you start downloading a few of the HD films off marketplace (6-7 Gb each) 20Gb doesn't go far.

If ONLY the "Ring of light" was Blue!! Then it'd match all my other AV equipment!

And the elite is Black, rather than 1980's PC "off white".


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All have HDMI now

Does anyone know when the premiums changed to HDMI? My premium (2006) is on the blink now, but I bought a 360 for my nephew for Xmas, so I have a recent receipt; thinking of taking mine back to get a replacement rather than repair, but obviously it's not a HDMI one! Don't know if HMV would notice though :confused:

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