XBox 360 pic quality better than MCE PC - why?


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A question to you clever folk out there who know about these things.

I am one of the poor unfortunates who have an MCE 2005 machine (Acer Idea 500) hooked up to a 100Hz CRT. Picture is just ok (noticeable motion judder at 50Hz & 60Hz settings). I thought this was due to misaligned refresh rates.

When I use my 360 (on the 'TV' setting) as an extender the picture is perfect - sharper and no motion judder.

Anyone know why this is the case??

I have all the latest driver s on the graphics card and using PowerDvd 7.



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Your xbox is better setup to handle a normal crt whereas its always been bad on pcs make sure you have the resolution set no higher than 640 x 480 on your pc as thats about as good as it will handle


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I agree with bu5ter, but DVI/HDMI is also more than valid.

Obviously your graphics card will need to buy the necessary cables/converters but it should look spot on.


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Out of curiosity, what makes you say DVI/HDMI maybe unusable? Or are you simply saying the TV may not have those inputs?
It's just that many LCD TVs are really difficult to use via DVI/HDMI without custom resolutions & frequencies using Powerstrip or Nvidia/ATI control panel. LCDs are also very reluctant to work at anything other than 60Hz via VGA & 50Hz via DVI/HDMI. There are many postings here about the problems people have.


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Id be amazed if you could show me an improvement on dvi/hdmi over a vga connection if anything i would say vga is generally sharper. Not as a technology but as a implementation on most screens.

Even people with their new elite 360's are saying the hdmi isnt as crisp as the vga!!!

Peopl again get blinded by science the only reason dvi/hdmi exist is because they want you to use digital connections so they can run control software over it (HDCP etc)

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