Xbox 360 Pal 50/60 confusion


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Hi Guy's

I'm new to this area of the forum, and I was hoping that some of you may be able to help me out?

I got my Elite yesterday (first ever console). I'm using it with a 28" Panasonic CRT, but due to a shortage of Scart sockets, I've connected it to the Scart input of a Panasonic DVD recorder.

The two games that I got with it are GOW and Forza, and both of these requested that the 360 be set to PAL 60 in order to play. However, doing so has squashed the picture upwards, to fit a load of white noise at the bottom of the screen!

Surely, this cannot be right? Is this a setup issue, or is it just that I'm using a CRT?
I cannot be the only one who is using a CRT with one of these consoles?

Any help would be hugely appreciated!

PS. Before you all shout back at me, with the obligatory "why buy a 360, especially an Elite, if you don't have a HD screen?" I am going to get one, but I am waiting for the right one to be released. The Elite was released first, so I got it first. :)




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What happens when you plug the scart directly into the back of your TV?

If it works fine then you know is the DVD recorder that is adding the noise.


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I am using an old fashion CRT widescreen at 60Hz. Works fine although the Tv takes a few seconds to swap between 50 and 60.

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I've been using a 360 on our 28" Panny CRT for months now as the picture is great.

Never had any of the issues you mention though - my 360 is connected via component at the front of the TV.


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Hi Guys

Thanks for (amazingly quick) replies and advice!

I think I'll try it with the component on the front of the TV, tonight, then have a play around with the scarts.

Cheers again



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Thanks again all!

Tried the above last night, and now the PQ looks brilliant! It must have been the DVD recorder causing the noise!


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