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Xbox 360 on CRT monitor, question


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So. I'll be probably getting the x360 soon. Since I put off buying a HDTV for at least another six months and since I only have an old 19" CRT monitor ...

I was wondering what my options will be exactly, in terms of resolutions, once I'll connect the console via VGA cable. I'm pretty sure my monitor is able to display a 1280 x ***(*) resolution. But my question is this: is there any way I could get a WIDESCREEN resolution, using black bars, out of the 360, on a 'normal' monitor?

Indiana Jones

Distinguished Member
Since all 360 games are widescreen I would assume that using the 360 on a monitor would give you black bars at the top and bottom no matter what setting you used but then I have only seen people use their 360 on a widescreen monitor so dont actually know for sure.


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I use a crt monitor as a second set up and i am very impressed with it. I first used 1280*1024 and found it good. I only own two games; in pgr3 it filled the screen but seemed streched, Kameo is displayed it in widescreen with black bars across top and bottom.

i eventually decided to go for the widescreen resolution 1360*768, i was told that i'd be best sticking to 1280*720 as this would mean the xbox didn't have to scale the picture (xbox native resolution is 720p) but in my case it looks much better on 1360*768

EDIT: By the way my monitor is a standard 4:3 17" monitor so you will be able to get these same resolutions and probably more on your 19"


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Thank you very much, safekidda. I hope most games end up working like Kameo (PGR3 does actually use a strange resolution, maybe it's because of that).
PGR3 is stretched at 1280*1024, it's a know bug, but it's fine at 1024*768...

Here are some games tested on my 4*3 15" TFT

Amped 3, 1024*768, Full Screen, looks fine..
Call of Duty 2 *Demo*, 1024*768 Full Screen, looks fine
Kameo, 1024*768, Letterboxed
PGR3, 1024*768, Letterboxed
NFSMW *Demo*, 1024*768 Full Screen, looks fine, but looks like it is 480P upconverted to HD..



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meansizzler said:
PGR3 is stretched at 1280*1024, it's a know bug, but it's fine at 1024*768...

Ah that would explain it, i've only got 2 games so i wasn't sure if it was related to the game or the resolution

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