Xbox 360 not playing DTS??


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Hey there, I just picked myself up a cheap and cheerful surround sound package (Philips FR984) that supports DTS playback. On trying a DVD in my Xbox and selecting DTS in the DVD menu, the sound is missing...It plays Dolby Digital fine but when I select the DTS track there is no sound at all?

My receiver auto-switches so should technically change without a hitch, but in the Xbox menu audio options there doesn't seem to be a DTS option?

Any help? :suicide:

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How are you connecting to your surround sound system? Optical?

It doesn't immediately make sense why it's not working though. It may well be the case that it is DTS but your surround system isn't displaying the input correctly.
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HDMI into TV and then optical out into you think it's worth trying optical direct between Xbox and reciever?


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Optical out from TV's is often stereo only and does not pass through the HDMI 5.1DTS, 5.1 Dolby Digital etc.
You need optical from the XBOX to the reciever.

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