XBOX 360 Networking / MCE query


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Right, I've rejoined the console generation - our house now has a 360! :D

Being a second hand (20gb) model, there's no manual though - and with all plugged in and ready to go, I've a query relating to the whole network/media capabilities.

We've thrown a cat lead into it, and the xbox immediately went into update mode and now we're all firmware'd up-to-date and ready to go - but searches for computers on the LAN show nothing - and on further prodding we find we need a computer running media center!!?

So we plug one of our vista (premium) running laptop into the LAN, go through the setup-key prompts when it identifies the "extender" malark - and hey presto, via the xbox in the lounge, surf through the limited media on the laptop (via the media center GUI).

The thing is, said laptop is not even the top three of our house's media storing beasts; 2 of those run vanilla XP SP2, and mine here still runs 2K SP4.

Via the xbox dashboard there is the option to go straight to "music" etc - with the option of either "xbox hard drive" or "computer" - but even when the aforementioned laptop was working (via the media center interface) the xbox doesn't see it, or any of three main media stores.....

And now for some reason, having made no changes to settings, the xbox refuses to connect to xbox live? Reporting a "NAT type is strict" error that I don't fully understand.... would a default-restore of my network switch help?

So after the long ramble, the quick question;

How can I see shared folders of music and movies that reside on a non-MCE OS PC, on the XBOX!!?!



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The 360 will pick up media shared by most uPNP media servers. I use Twonky but there's various others you can use without having to use the horror that is WMP, or even Windows!

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