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Does anyone know if the Media remote ( the 19.99 one - not the free one ), is a learning remote, or does it only takes specific codes for certain tv models ?

By learning remote, I mean it can learn the ir codes of other remotes, and these can be programmed onto certain buttons.



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In answer to my own question; after searching the US site it appears the official xbox media remote is code based when it comes to programming it; that is if you have TV make xyz enter a certain code and limited functions such as on/off volume up/down will work.

However this is useless when I have deliberately aimed for 5.1 sound controlled by an amp, video switching is a necessity due to component input being on a different channel, volume contol needs to be through the amp.

What a waste of space the remote is. After I have invested in a HD TV, an amp, a Media Center PC and an Xbox 360 media extender, I find the official remote is not up to the job !

Obviuosly I have not bought each item for the particular purpose of using the 360 as a media extender but while I am now in this position, it would have been nice to have an official controller that could "control it".

I believe their is a logitech remote based on the harmony 525 released in the us that might be more suitable ? Has anyone experience of this ?


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The 360 remote has the 4 bottons for the xbox already, and in my opinion has a better build quality than the 525, as my father has a 525, and I have the 360 one


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