Xbox 360 kiosk style stand


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Hi, hoping for some advice on the following:

I need to build a stand to accommodate an xbox 360 console, kinect sensor, a tv (likely to be a 47" or 55" LG LED) and controllers, to be placed in a staff lounge. the system ideally needs to be on a trolley base or wheels. the controllers (probably 2) i need locked in some kind of holder, and the kinect sensor needs to be attached to the console or the TV so it cannot be removed. I also need access to the disc tray, and enough air flow that the console could be on for long periods of time (12 hours a day). I cannot take apart/drill into the xbox, as i would need to keep the warrenty. I know that Game stores here in the UK have a promo stand for the xbox 360, and that is the kind of thing i am after, but a bigger screen and less promotion stuff on it


If you are building it what do you need advice with?


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i need advice mainly on what is available for me to put something together. currently, the best solution i have is a trolley base, dual poles and a screen mount, with either a shelf or a lock box. the shelf isnt secure enough, and the lock box prevents access to the drive tray. sorry if this was unclear

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