Xbox 360 issues?


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I'm currently on my 3rd Xbox 360 and I'm not sure whether I'm just looking for problems or not.

I only have 2 complaints at the moment, and I'm unsure what to do about them.

My Xbox Live Vision camera which was imported from Canada worked fine for a good few weeks then in Video Chat I get a message saying "my connection is too slow", but if I unplug it from the rear USB port and plug it into a front one, it works?

The other thing I'v noticed is with Rainbow Six: Vegas. If I insert the game and leave it at the PRESS START screen it will play the trailer, some times it play perfectly but if I leave it and it plays it the second time then I notice some gaps in the audio - the video still plays but the audio is not present for a few seconds.

Other than those 2 issues I'm happy with my console and I'm hoping other people experience the same issues as I do, as I'm hoping it the issues mentioned may just be a bug that can be fixed.

MY DVD drive is a Hitachi-LG by the way and console was manufactured on Juy 4 - 2006.
Rainbow Six: Vegas is an import American copy.


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Has anybody else experienced similar with regards to the Vision camera and jerky video or audioless video fooatage at times on games.

I only brought the situation with Rainbow up as on my last Xbox 360 I noticed the same with Oblivion when it would play the trailer from the disc and after a few months the disc drive ended up scratching my discs - so I really would appreciate anyones oppinion or thoughts on the matter.


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