xbox 360- how easy to use is it?


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Hey guys i was just gonna ask how easy to use is the xbox 360?

Just going to say i am selling my ps3 for an elite so what are the advantages of xbox to ps3?



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There's no real advantages, I personally prefer the 360 pad to the DS3 (don't like the triggers) most of the games are the same, the online service is a load better than PSN+

As far as console exclusives go I think the PS3 just pips the 360, not to say there aren't classic 360 only games, but there's nothing to really rival - Uncharted for instance.

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I find the 360 pad to be far more comfortable than the Ps3, and also easier to control the analogue sticks.

The online service is far better too, but you have to pay for the privilege to use it.

Tbh though they're both games consoles...apart from those two main differences they both do the same thing.

It all comes down to what games you prefer on each system I guess.

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