xBox 360 headset - surround vs stereo - HELP PLEASE!


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Hi All,

I apologise if this question has been answered, or is difficult to answer, but in my defence I have read *decent headphones for xbox 360* part 1 - 8, and many similar threads, and my head is spinning even more than before I started!

I am a complete headset noob, console game or otherwise. I have an xbox 360 elite and an LCD tv (quite old now). I'm looking for something that is ideally simple to use / set up, and reasonably inexpensive (no more than £80). Also quite tidy, as my wife is very anal (and not in the good way :laugh:).

I play my xbox a fair bit, but not competitively, it's just a hobby for me. A lot of this time is spent on FPS, and a lot of that online. I just don't know if I can justify, or if I need to justify, full 5.1/7.1 surround sound, or if stereo would be enough?

Am I correct in thinking that stereo I will hear noises just to my left or right? I won't be able to tell if they're behind or infront of me? And is the sound quality in 5.1 that much better? And would somebody like me (8 - 10 hours playtime a week if I'm lucky - and no headphone experience) even notice the quality difference?

Can anybody give me a suggestion that is simple to set up, simple to use, won't break the bank but will satisfy my quality needs.


Thank you everyone!


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It's not that there is a difference in sound quality but more the ammount of audio information you are getting, with a 5.1 headset not only do you get the 360 degree audio but you can also more easily determine if it's above or below and it's distance.
You can sometimes pick up the Turtle Beach X41's within your budget and they are wireless so should keep the Mrs happy :)
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Dont bother with a 7.1 :/

Headphones dont even do 5.1 well, if you go the 5.1 route, make sure its got 2 50mm drivers in it. None of this 7 speaker crap.

The X41s are a good choice, they have 50mm drivers so the sound will be crisp and clean. They are 7.1 but you must realise that its a simulated 7.1

Even a 2.1 works ok, we only have 2 freakin ears and we still hear 'surround' - its all down to the processing used at the end of the day.


I would personally go for a quality 2.1 set at that price. The Razer Chimaera 2.1 have great reviews. I have the 5.1 set and its mind blowing.


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Thanks all.

I think the x41's seem the best choice from what you're all saying. Think I'll wait until the new year and see if any offers are on.

Thanks again!


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I used to have faith in the advice on this forum... Then I took an arrow in the knee.

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