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Xbox 360 HDTV.SamsungLE32R41BDX/SagemHDL32T

Discussion in 'TVs' started by csmarsden, Jul 17, 2005.

  1. csmarsden


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    After advice ive posted this here hope you guys can help.

    Hey Guys as a new member i've been following a lot of threads about various HDTV ready LCD's/Rear Projection TV's. After reading the feedback about the Samsung LE32R41B and nearly all of it being positive (and the fact that this is the uk version of the microsoft used LCD) i thought this might be the best bet. But i read another post about the Sagem HDL32T with an awesome 10ms response time AND 10 speakers intergraded.

    I'm a little confused about what to get now,
    The real purpose is for playing xbox360 and latter PS3, but would like to hook up to PC and watch TV/DVD's on it also. These are the best two i have found at my price point 800-1400 leaving me with cash spare! Anyone got any ideas offer me any advice? My fear about the sagem HDL32T is it is only available @ http://www.unbeatable.co.uk/CatalogueItem_28785.html and is not reviewed anywhere or talked about away from this site (worrying). But 10ms Response time surely that would be great for the gaming needs i have?
    Please feel free to give me ideas on what might be the best product to suit my needs.

    BTW - i've opted to pick the freeview models as this best suits my bedroom but if someone has advice for non-freeview please feel free to shout out.



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