Xbox 360 HDMI + HDMI Switch Issue - Out of Ideas!


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Hey everyone,

I am absolutely stumped on this problem. I have been searching everywhere and have yet to find a solution, although I'm 99% sure it's just this 360... Here's the story:

I have a 360 hooked up to an HDMI switch that then connects to my monitor. All worked well for about a year. Out of nowehere (nothing changing, software/hardware) the 360 all but shows a black screen when going through the switch. Nothing is detected on the monitor when switched to the 360 input (computer works fine through the switch the entire time, though).

Here's what I've done:
Replaced the HDMI cables. (both to the switch and from the switch to the monitor).
Replaced the HDMI switch twice (same brand, new brand).
Turned off display discovery in the 360's settings and manually set the resolution.
Tested all equipment with my other 360 - works perfectly fine through the switch.

I then thought it may be something with my monitor and this 360, so I took the HDMI switch out of the equation and hooked it directly into the monitor.. Works perfectly fine then!

I've also noticed that when I keep Display Discovery on when hooking it up to my AV receiver to my HDTV, it keeps detecting it as a DVI connection. It will detect it as an HDMI connection when I turn off display discovery (my other 360 does NOT have this issue at all).

Does ANYONE have any other ideas? Both 360's are fully updated to 13604 dashboard.

Thank you in advance!

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