Xbox 360 Full System £251.97, Core £188.97 @ Asda


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Feb 26, 2005
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Thought i'd share this with you as it makes this the cheapest deal around I believe.

Pre-order at asda

and use the 10% off code of halloween05.

Case the code is removed by mods (not sure if allowed to post codes), use the code for 10% off as here:

10% off games as well. Just ordered the full system with CoD 2 for total price of £287!!!!! :eek: :clap: :thumbsup:

Hope thats of use for you.

Damn straight it is!

Well played, man. Thanks for spreading the word! :D

Have preordered the "Fully Loaded" system (haven't seen it called that anywhere else, but hey, I don't mind!) Elder Scrolls: Oblivion & COD2 for the frankly great price of £323.96!

Meanwhile, my preorder with Amazon is apparently going to cost me about £285 to get to my door, without any games to play on it...I'd be looking at around £364.98 for the same items via Amazon, which has obviously now lost it's appeal somewhat!

Asda win this round - assuming that they have the stock to get it to me on the day of release, that is.

Mind you, with a deal like this, I might be prepared to wait!
Any idea if these will be shipped or will they be available to pick up from one's local store (only a mile away :) ) at midnight + 1 min on the 2nd of Dec:D
Asks for delivery address so I reckon delievered unless you can sort something with Customer Services.

Wow that's a great deal, first of all the £34 games and now the system for little over £250, who'd have thought Asda were the best place for 360 stuff. I can't really take advantage of this, because I've already put my preorder down but its a great deal, lets just hope they can get the system and games to us for launch. I ordered Sin City on DVD suring the 15% off deal (a week ago) and its still not here so I'm not holding my breath.
This implies to all supermarkets that sell games, not just ASDA:
I manage an indie games store and this doesn't surprise me. ASDA are always trying to put the little guys out of business by undercutting them. People don't realise that once us indies are gone, ASDA will yank their games prices upto full RRP as there will be no competition. ASDA don't allow you to trade old games in for new games, and are useless for technical knowledge. There stock allocations are also dubious. I know for a fact that most big ASDA stores got 5 copies (of each format) of FIFA 06, yet they advertised in all the papers at how low they were selling it for. The reason behind this is simple, it gets people in the store, they find out the game is sold out, and will most likely do their shopping while they are there. Don't count on getting a 360 at launch from any supermarket. On a further note, Microsoft are giving out their allocation quantities sometime next week, (Wednesday probably) and until that happens, nobody knows how many units they will receive. there is rumoured to be less than 200,000 at launch so a lot of people will be dissapointed come christmas.
/\/\/\ Well said. Support your local indie
Cheers Branny! Just ordered one from Asda, and cancelled my order. Shame they haven't got more 360 games on there, though. The web-site is actually very poorly designed and coded, but you can't complain with a 10% discount!
I plan on getting mine with 10% off at hmv using my NUS card! :D
Cheers branny, one ordered here. :)
Cheers Branny. As a father of 3 and on Civil Servant's wages I won't be in the market for one for the forseeable future (heck, I only got an Xbox in March and even then that was second hand) but it's good to see you and people like you spread the word on these forums. Keep up the good work.
I just put an order thru my work email address. I have yet to have the email confirmation though, and therefore refreshed the confirmation page to check the order number. I am now worrying that I may have ordered twice. Definitely got at least 1 order though, but not got any emails.
Did your confirmation emails come through instantly? It could be the pesky email filter at work though :(
A warning about “subject to availability” also came up when I dropped it in the basket. Hoping that I can still get 1 on time.
I got my confirmation within about 15 minutes but ordered from home.

Yes.. they have put the price up above RRP to counter their 10% offer.
Very naughty :(
Still no email yet, but definitely ordered according to their tracking facility.
Cheers for the heads up on the offer :smashin:
Yup gone up.

Luckily have my confirmation with the price on, nice and cheap(er)!!!

Damn should have ordered one. My brother wants one for christmas as well :rolleyes:
i cant get the 10% code to work now - has anyone else tried today

still want to get some games and managed to bag the 360 at Boots when they had their own 10% offer on last week (plus advantage points) - total £243.00
Doesn't work anymore. Shame I didn't know about the Boots offer - I suppose that has finished?
No one is as good as me at missing these offers!

If there was an award i'd have it!

well done to those that got the discount :thumbsup:

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