XBOX 360 elite HDMI problems


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OK folks, first, hello, och aye the noo and what not?

Managed to get myself a 32" HDTV for £200 at the weekend and i still can't wipe the grin of my face. Sadly though my xbox may do that for me.

I was in the understanding that an HDMI cable too both the picture and sound. But when i connect my elite and tv using the provided HDMI cable all i get is a picture with no sound whatsoever?

Any ideas what i'm doing wrong. THere is another adapter which has output for left and right audio (white and red don't know the technical terms sorry) and also what i think is digital audio out. Do i need to use this as well? I was hoping to use my PC speakers that connect using a standard headphone jack. Would i need to get a cable which has red and white connections to a headphone jack? would this work ok?

Hope you loons and lassies can give me a hand?

Apologies for being a n00b but i gotta start somewhere


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It certainly does carry sound via HDMI.

Have you read your TV's manual to see if it accepts sound over HDMI or whether you have to change a setting in a menu? What have you got the 360's audio setting set to?


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Well what puzzled me even more is that my freeview box which has HDMI output works fine with sound. That why i thought it was a settings problem. Sadly the TV doesn't have a manual as i bought it off my future father in law as he was upgrading his.

I have the sound on the xbox set on digital stereo. I really don't want to have to use the 6 cable set up as the picture looks really nice with HDMI.


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What TV is it? and is there another HDMI socket? I'm sure you should be able to d/l the manual, but on my sony d3000 i couldn't get any sound via hdmi on one socket, but tried another and it worked :thumbsup: I haven't bothered investigating why - i probably should.

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