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Xbox 360 + Denon AVR-1910 = FAIL?


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Hi All,
I have my Xbox cabled up to my shiny new Denon surround sound amp via HDMI. When I installed Overlord 2 last night, although I was getting surround sound in the main game, I got nothing in the cut scenes.

Flipping from Dolby Digital to 5 channel stereo mode on the amp seemed to fix the problem, but then I don't get proper surround sound.

Anyone got the same setup working correctly?


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Forgot to mentions, sound doesn't appear to work in Braid either, so it may me that the amp isn't aware of switching between stereo and surround modes. Do I need to do anything in the xbox to make this happen?


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My 360 Elite and my AVR 1910 via HDMI seem to work fine together, though admittedly I've not tried it with Braid or Overlord 2.. I did notice however, that when powering up, the Denon needs to be on first before the 360 otherwise it goes into Pro Logic II mode instead of Dolby Digital. Didn't need to set anything special in the 360s System menus either

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